Monday, 9 January 2017

in with a BANG!

Bright lights, big city, where i live.  A cosmopolitan city in the finest form.  If you want to think of destinations in the world the come first to mind, it would not be my city.  Not Los Angeles, nor Atlanta with traffic snarls, gang snarls, nor dusty, dirty cultures.  Except maybe lately when one is becoming severely disenchanted with the current incumbent whom I fear will go uncontested as he sheds his cloak and sheds that shiny veneer (of his suits, that is).  Just not the type of man I want to embed in our youngsters' minds that he is perfectly normal.  A single guy who lives in his mother's basement while making probably, oh, $250,000 a year.  He sounds like he has admitted who he REALLY is, walled out from faith pressure.   So, he comes across the every man or woman's big or little brother, depending on your age.

I will mail you a gift if you guess where i'm from?  I was on the REDDITgifts exchange this past 2016, and it was of the coolest things I have done online ... more than likely since I jumped online, fingers first, brain later.  No, I try to stay clear of controversy, yet I've been known (probably hard to prove because my typical blogging numbers aren't that high. 

 HOWEVER, the followers that I have, I tend to really interact with, consistently.  Most people just amass numbers, and regardless of how many hours you clock in online, everyone basically has a ratio of how much time they spend online, what you are doing while you are online, OR who are you doing it with?  (a vendor~because you are a shopper) (a reader~swiping through content, like a mad painter swishing side by side) (an audience~you blog, you post, you like, you reTweet, you share while you know the online Code of Conduct  and observe the unwritten rules (that will be sidebarred to another writing adventure).

🅶 I adore experimenting with design, style along with my writing.  I want to develop that more as I progress along.  With you, the reader.  I'm an avid reader who likes the odd movie :: the stronger the screenplay, the better actors, the better something with umph are my most favorites.

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