Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Prince and the Puppeteer


authenticity personified
The stark contrast between Obama and Trump have never been clearer than they were tonight.

So many can't help but notice how different these two men are.  After tonight's farewell address, there is no question who is "the Prince" and this story, and whom I am cementing my plan.  However possible that may be, likely not overnight.  

The Prince and the Puppeteer
My quirky twist on a classic fairy tale was tempting to use but "The Prince and the Pauper" would have been wrong.  The anti-hero, antagonist to this tale is a bazillionaire, confirmed by nevermind, a boast of his own kind.  

The Gentleman and the Bully
seems to be catchy as well.  As my creative soul seeps out to my fingertips on these keys.  A startling front page of some big national newspaper known for its journalism, ingenuity and risk taking bravado that the Gentlemen so eloquently orated that his wife was his best friend.  The love in his eyes and the genuine tears would make many ladies aswoon (falling into swoon) who could only imagine, never experience, the gaze of strength, manhood, leadership, father, husband morally grounded so evidence by the adoration in his daughter's eyes.
The integrity, honesty, pride was evident in his eyes.  We became unified by that feeling of inclusiveness, witnessing a truly great event.  Uplifting.  Inspiring.  

Leadership leading the audience
on a journey of history shared, written and spoken in such a beautiful, flowing way.  Gently reminding his team (which included a very big country) how much they have accomplished together over the past number of his stated years.  Chiding them to get off their tuffs and get signed up and sign on to being leaders of change.

The Pauper
in the story is the child, the man who had become adored by literally millions, could rise from even where his parenting, citizenship belonged, thrown into circumstances that were part of the circumstances to which he was born.  The climb up, stand proud and push forward to become one of the greatest leaders that come so quickly to mind.    Great resonance in admonition to send a powerful message that one's own determination is the only thing limiting one's ambition, which degrees decree force.  

Thank you Barrack Obama
for what you have done
not just for your country
but for many beyond.

Restorer of hope and symphonic
"yes we can" chorus Obama championed.
To a choir of billions
help rapt in those words.

The king of 1961
to which he should be crowned.
I cannot think of anyone more worthy
than the person within.

Integrity, honesty, trustworthiness flow
fueled by his loyal herd
as a son, husband, father he is first,
magnetic to the tides of those wanting change.

Our king of 1961
forever should be crowned.
As one of the best speakers, speech makers
of any time, not of one.

Thank you and forever gratitude
will linger in our hearts
the gift of watching you uplift many
to a world of servitude
to help all mankind, not just our family.
As brothers and sisters of a nation.
No division of color or where's one station.

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